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People grow up, work is also growing, go hand in hand, both the lives of the higher Mounted on the mountain. Long Yingtai lived in the Tang Dynasty when he was a young man. He was enthusiastic and enthusiastic, and his writing or "Hengmei cold to the finger of a thousand fingers" or "bowing his head to the oxen" was all his temperament, and he joined hands to threaten the shoulder. . Russian poet Anna Akhmatova's life ups and downs, and his poems from the girl's mature to Mature steady. The author and the works, such as a pair of twin brother, in the erosion of time under the wanton growth, from one aspect, we can get a glimpse of the other side of the character.
The Yuan Hao-wen said: "heart painting the total distortion of the heart, the article Ningfu see people." Work style and its character away from, and sometimes not accompanied by temperament, or the author struggling for wild, or the opposite See its power. Gu Cheng's innocent simplicity of poetry, but he personally killed his wife; Van Gogh's magnificent painting, he was crazy cut off his left ear. We can say that their bad character, thought despicable it? When the world kissed me with pain, I reported to the song, the inner struggling or blinded my pure heart, and my heart will be left in the hands of Zoran in world. Rousseau in the "Confessions" in his wretchedness, and who can deny his Zoran refined character, elegant and brave pursuit? Works and people face to face, but in reality is a more determined recourse ah!
In today's society, people praise the "Ya", but I do not know "Ya for" the author vulgar ignorance, and shame on the appearance of those vulgar people, muddy do not know their works gorgeous Tiancheng, honest nature. And I firmly believe that those dry night rain under the barren river wild, the sword that even the camp and fearless, Tanchao Chunqiu and chaos Chenzeizi fear, will work together with the stands at the top of the nation.
The words of the new natural vanilla, bustling down to see really Chun, in this Jiji King fleeting time, which is the real cup to send more than the heart of the spring mash it?

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